My Affordable Smile Makeover Journey

I have always been insecure with the way my smile looks - gummy and crooked teeth. I used to have the traditional braces as a teenager, but I lost my retainers on Week 2 and I never came back to the dentist. Biggest regret of my life. Now, I am hunting for an affordable smile makeover that is easy on the pockets and will not cost me a fortune nor a lifetime. My dentist is Dr. Lance ... Read the Post

My 2018 Tinkham Campground WA Review

Camping in Washington State is definitely a must-do if you live here. If it's your first time to camp, I highly recommend Tinkham Campground because it's not far away from the city and the fact that you get your 3G in the campsite too! So, you're not totally immersing yourself in nature as a first-timer, but you are immersing yourself subtly minus the fears of not being connected to your digital ... Read the Post

Best Web Hosting Providers of 2019

Finding the right web hosting provider is like finding a boyfriend -- it has to be the right match. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with a lot of migrations and a never-ending cycle of bad sex - I mean SEO (at least in my own weird analogy). Sticking with only one web hosting provider is hard, especially when there's a lot of good ones out there. Think about that when looking for a new boyfriend. ... Read the Post