How to Become An Amazon Reviewer

Becoming an Amazon reviewer is perhaps one of the ways I have satisfied my shopping addiction over the years. If you are a shopaholic like me (and I mean seriously addicted to shopping), you should be an Amazon reviewer. I have created this guide on how to become an Amazon reviewer for all those who would love to become one and not just satisfy the craving of buying, but to also get free goodies ... Read the Post

Blogging With Blogger

Blogger is perhaps one of the oldest blogging platforms on the planet. This was my first blogging platform ever even before Google acquired it back in 2003. It has undergone a lot of changes, although not fairly great changes. In this post, I will teach you how to make a blog website by blogging with Blogger.聽 If you simply want a blog and nothing more, and at the same ... Read the Post

How to Start A WordPress Blog

Starting a WordPress blog can be a daunting experience especially for beginners. That is why we've created the "How to Start A WordPress Blog" post - to help blogging beginners navigate their way to blogging success. In this guide, we'll be using one of the best web hosting providers in the planet - Bluehost. If you are not comfortable with all the setting up of your Wordpress blog by yourself, do ... Read the Post