My Affordable Smile Makeover Journey

I have always been insecure with the way my smile looks – gummy and crooked teeth. I used to have the traditional braces as a teenager, but I lost my retainers on Week 2 and I never came back to the dentist. Biggest regret of my life. Now, I am hunting for an affordable smile makeover that is easy on the pockets and will not cost me a fortune nor a lifetime.

Affordable Smile Makeover

My dentist is Dr. Lance Timmerman. It used to be Dr. James Philipps, but I wanted a more modern dentist who is up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of dentistry – that’s Dr. Lance Timmerman. Dr. Philipps was a great dentist but he’s more old school and traditional in his approach to dentistry which is great for those kinds of patients. However, I am a millennial and modern is what I ought to go with when it comes to my mouth and my teeth.

My Affordable Smile Makeover Options

  1. Candid Aligners / Smile Direct (starting at $88/mo) – Invisible aligners for the conscious person
  2. 6-Month Smiles ($4000+) – Almost invisible braces for the semi-conscious person
  3. Shiny Smile Veneers ($570) – Clip-on veneers for a more aesthetically-pleasing smile.

The Smile Makeover Timeline

Around March-May 2019: I had an appointment with Dr. Timmerman for an initial consult. I was offered veneers, but at a $20,000 price range – I’m just a broke college kid, not a full-time RN (yet).

September 17, 2019: General dental cleaning. Squeaky clean.

December 2019: 2nd dental cleaning again.

January 2020. First dental cleaning of the year.ย 

January 26, 2020. Candid studio appointment in Seattle. Read my Candid experience here.

Last Update January 27, 2020.