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Kimmy Garcia - The Blogpreneur

Hello everyone! My name is Kimmy Garcia and I am the author and sole owner of the Blogpreneur – a Seattle lifestyle hygge blog for bloggers, creatives, and fab readers across the globe.

I am a Certified Medical Assistant in the state of Washington and I currently work a full-time job in Seattle, WA. This is mainly my main source of income. 


On the one hand, I also have various online ventures that supplement my income such as blogging, designing, freelancing, and particularly – webpreneurship. 


I am the founder of Millennial Bella which is under the company of Webpreneur, LLC. Millennial Bella is basically a brand that I made to represent solopreneurs, webpreneurs, health, beauty, and wellness. Webpreneur on the other hand is more of my techy side (if I even have one) and is particularly the web hosting company I am trying to maintain.  


I am also a part-time Pre-Nursing student and currently completing prerequisites for nursing school. 👋